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     Has your home lost its curb appeal? Ready to make your neighbors jealous of the “Looks like the new” house on the block? Then it’s time to give True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ a call to give your home that refresh look which is maintenance-free best home siding. You home is probably your biggest investment and it needs to be taken care of. High Winds is one of the several things that can do some pretty destructive damage to your siding and cause unexpected expenses. Our Professional siding installers in Millville, NJ are here to help with all of your siding needs.


    Because siding is such a big part of the character and first impression of your home, it’s imperative that the choices you make you are happy with and be complementary to your home for many years to come. Not only does siding contribute to the looks of your home but it also is the first defense to protect against weather elements. If it is done right, it can also help you reduce your utility bills because of its efficiency and greatly increase the value of your property.

    Once you decide that it’s time to install siding, then the fun begins. You will need to choose what type of material and colors you would like. There is no job too big for our professional contractors and we are ready to help from beginning to end with the process. True Safe Roof and Siding in Cumberland County, can go over the various types to choose from and help you stay within your budget.

    siding installation millville new jersey

    Here are some of the Best Home sidings available in the market:

    Aluminum Siding is known for its ability to bring a natural look displaying creative character, available in many types of designs. It’s mold resistant, mildew resistant and if you choose one that is insulated, it will be helpful for energy savings.

    1. Vinyl siding is very cost effective, come in lots of colors and is our most popular siding chosen. This is a superior vinyl siding. Also discuss with True Safe Roof and Siding consultant which are the best insulated vinyl siding brands available on the market today.

    2. Cedar siding holds up to weather very well because it is moisture resistant and brings a country charm. The cost is higher for real wood shingles. Repairing cedar siding after storm damage is pretty easy and they come in several colors. These siding shingles also come in fiber cement and vinyl that look very much like the real wood cedar siding.

    Is your home or place of business ready for a face lift? Give us a call so we can come out and give you a free estimate based on the siding materials, trim boards, fascia boards, soffits and other materials needed to make your dreams come true. We will also discuss any project needs like removal and proper disposal of existing siding, inspections from water damage, delivery of materials and necessary repairs. Once we evaluate all that is needed, we will include this in our free quote so you will not have to be concerned with any unexpected costs.

    After a handshake, it’s time to get started. Our vinyl installers near me will get to work ordering the materials, arrange materials to be delivered and then start installing.

    If there is existing siding that needs to be removed, our #1 siding professionals will remove the nails/screws holding the old siding to remove it and then dispose properly. We take extra precaution to protect the sheathing underneath as this can be reused for the new siding installation.


    Once we get the old siding removed, we will do an inspection of the sheathing for any mold, missing pieces or rotting. Necessary repairs will be done before the new siding is installed.

    Next the wall need to be prepared by adding building paper, strapping/mesh and flashings. This is an extra protection from any water damage or moisture exposure.

    Now the fun begins as we are ready to install the Siding and do any trim work and touch ups. During the new siding installation we do trim boards around the windows, soffits, corners, trim boards, fascia boards, and over cap.

    Once our job is complete, we remove all the debris, recycle any items we can, remove our waste recycling bin if there is one present and clean up like we were never there. We also try to be as neat and clean as possible during the entire preparation and installation. After completion, our work will be inspected to ensure we have not missed anything, go over any details about the warranties if applicable and necessary maintenance instructions.

    Our professional team brings years of experience. We are very confident in our quality of workmanship. Installing siding on your home or place of business will bring you years of not having to think of paint stripping or other cosmetic concerns for a quarter of a century.

    True Safe Roof and Siding knows that it’s a huge decision to choose the right kind of siding for your home or place of business. Let’s talk about your goals and help answer any questions to help your dream become a reality.