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    Our highest rated roofers at True Safe Roofing and Siding consists of highly dependable, trained, experienced and professional roofers. They don’t call our commercial roof installation contractors the best in Cumberland County for no reason!

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    Is your commercial building ready for a new roofing system? If your roof has been performing badly with consistent issues, there is a good chance it was not installed properly and you may need a new roof in the very near future.

    The process of a New Commercial Roof Installation


    The type of commercial roofs is an important factor on how complex the install could be. A flat roof design or low-slope can have many variables and should only be done by a licensed, reputable and experienced commercial roofing contractor.


    Here is the process of installing a commercial roof:


    · Step 1: Consultation free of charge

    At True Safe Roofing and Siding we provide a free consultation. Once we go over what our inspection concludes, our expert roofers will consult you on the options that best fit your roof needs and find a solution that will be within budget.

    · Step 2: Work Begins

    The process begins by delivering the highest quality products to your site and our commercial roof installation team start going straight to work in the most efficient way possible. We understand how important it is to keep your business running so we do things as efficiently as possible.

    · Step 3: Keeping things cleaned up

    We understand your commercial building needs to be kept neat and clean as possible. We do our best to keep your property from having a mess around while we are in the process of installing your new roof. This is done on a daily basis. Before you know it, your commercial building will have a brand new roof that you can be proud of.


    If you’re commercial roof is in need of repair, due to damage from various causes, True Safe Commercial Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ will ensure the roof repair is done properly so that it does not fail and cause further damage which could result in a totally new roof installation. Is your commercial building suffering from defects or damage? Give us a call at (856) 221-6313 for a high-quality, affordable and reliable commercial roof repair service in Millville, NJ.


    Repair Inspection & Diagnosis is only a phone call away!


    One of the ways we make sure our free quote is accurate is by doing an inspection so we know exactly what your needs are and what the right solution is. If a small repair is all that is needed, great, but sometimes during our inspection we find that an overall restoration or roof replacement is the best solution. True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ tries to come up with a plan that will fit into your budget



    Commercial Roof Damages

    If you have a flat roof, there are concerns of pooling water, the roof not sitting flat and debris collection. If not addressed in a timely manner there would be serious consequence like rotting, mold, fungus growth and build up.

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    Roofing Repair verses Replacement


    Repairs can consist of patching a roof leak as a resolution. A replacement entails taking down the old roof and installing a brand new one. If you have a regular roof inspection, you chances of avoiding a premature roof replacement is greater. Your commercial building is a big investment which is why it’s important to catch potential problems as they arise.

    Reasons to Get Your Roof Repaired


    Depending on your type of roof, sometimes it’s just a simple as applying a good roof leak repair sealant.


    Repairs can offer long-term savings.

    As roofs age, there is more of a need for repairs and keeping on top of them to avoid much more it will cost to fix. Save yourself some money and get an inspection every few years so that you will be aware of necessary repairs before it costs you more money because of bigger problems.

    The Risk of the Unknown

    It’s important to get commercial roofing inspections on a regular basis to avoid finding out your roof has many leaks that you were not aware of. We wouldn’t want you to investigate a leak you are seeing and learn that there are many areas damaged and now your cost to fix may be much more.


    Plan Ahead

    Sometimes it is helpful to get a professional commercial roofing evaluation so they can tell you how much longer your existing roof will last and also what upgrades you may want to consider to plan ahead for the future. This will help you plan accordingly.


    · Commercial Roof Replacement

    Your commercial roof is an important part to the structure of the building. When a commercial roof has damage, shows wear, has been weakened from any number of things, it can be vulnerable to damage that causes more damage and so on. Many times when there is a concern, a repair can be done and that prolongs the life of the roof but there are times when it’s more cost effective to replace the whole roof.


    How do you know when it’s time to replace your Commercial Roof?

    If we are doing a roof inspection, it is not our intent to try and sell our customer a new roof replacement if we feel a repair is sufficient. If we do suggest a full commercial roof replacement, you can be sure we have factored in that it would be the most cost effective way to go. If we for see a lot of repairs then it would only make sense to invest in a full install to be cost effective. True Safe Roofing and Siding team members know how to read the signs of trouble coming down the road and will guide you on what’s best for your building. Some of the red flags we look for are:


    We check for water infiltration

    This can be detected inside the building by seeing visible leaks or stains from water marks. On the exterior signs of water holes, puddles sitting to eat away at the materials, roof material missing, loose material and more. Our first suggestion will always be to do repairs if possible and makes sense but we will tell you if a total roof replacement is the best option.


    Important thing to check if the roof membrane is damaged

    Things that can cause general wear and tear on your commercial roof could be harsh weather, curling, lifting, and cracking, membranes. These all can result to exposing your building to the outside weather, not to mention that it can expose your business equipment and staff.

    Age is a factor as well

    When regular maintenance is performed, it has shown to prolong the life of a commercial roof. Unfortunately, there are so many times a roof can be repaired. True Safe Roofing and Siding will inform you when we feel that spending more money on repairs will be wasting your money instead of putting this towards a new roof system which is inevitable.


    Commercial Roof Replacements You Can Rely On

    We always see if a repair makes sense. Then we take into consideration if the roof is modern, aging, large, small, flat or sloped. After inspection, our knowledgeable contractors will guide you on what is the best roofing for a flat roof, best roofing materials to use, best roofing cement and guiding you to choose the materials that give you the best value. If you already know that a commercial roof replacement is what you need, give True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ a call.


    Commercial Roof Contractors You Can Trust

    True Safe Roofing and Siding in Millville, NJ only works with professional roofers that we have confidence. We want the job done right. We are committed to do all our installation and repairs to a very high standards and quality of service. If you are going to commit to investing on a good quality commercial roof installation, it only makes sense that the best materials will be a part of this project. These materials will bring durability, low maintenance, UV protection and are seamless. Give us a call today at (856) 221-6313 to schedule your free consultation and quote.