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  • New Jersey’s Roofing and Siding contractors in the Cumberland County area, us only professional roofing contractors that know how to tackle a wide range of roofing services which include roofing repairs, re-roofing and roofing installation for residential and commercial buildings. There is no roofing problem our skillful team cannot handle. To do the job right, first we start off start doing an inspection of your property to determine what services are necessary. When things are in place our skilled, efficient and reliable roofing crew come in and take care of our customer’s needs. We are the best roofer near me and do not consider the job done until you are satisfied with our workmanship. Customer service at True Safe Roof and Siding is what we pride ourselves on.

    Roofing Contractors in Millville, NJ near me make every effort to ensure the necessary repairs, best leaking roof solutions or installations for your home or place of business, by protecting it from the elements and preserve it for as long as possible. Choosing the correct materials is as important as the right installation to get the job done right and give you the lasting results you are looking for. True Safe Roofing and Siding takes the necessary time to go over what is needed to get the job done right at an affordable price.

    Flat Roofs can be useful for creating extra outdoor spaces and are very common on warehouses. There is a myth that flat roofs are not durable and cannot hold a lot of weight for instance from snow. The building codes no longer allow this to be an issue as they have to carry enough weight to protect the structure integrity of the building. With that said flat roofs usually need more maintenance than other types. If there is a leak detected, there is a possibility that it can be repaired by doing a tar roof repair using the best roofing tar on the market. Regular inspections will help to keep on top of any signs of weakness or weather damage as well as natural aging. Some of the types of coatings that can be applied are rolling or spraying on asphalt, acrylic, urethanes and polys to extend the life of your flat roof. True Safe Roof and Siding is your local roofing company and are here to help guide you to the best roofing solutions for a flat roof.

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    A through roof inspection should check for loose or missing shingles, wind damage, hale damage, loss of granules, any signs of compromised areas, blistering from bad ventilation or moisture buildup. Eaves and Rakes inspection is located in the area beyond the exterior walls and roof line. The starter strip should be installed correctly. We also look for any nail heads that have popped up which indicated improper nailing or not enough nails to manage the materials it is securing. Roof edging needs to have a proper drip edge because this is where a roof has the most moisture and is also where the roof is stabilized during wind and rain storms. Counter Flashing is important to check for rusted materials and if it is doing its job around the chimney correctly. Fascia and Soffits need inspecting to ensure they are not being exposed to moisture. The Ridge and Hip should not have any rotting issues from algae or weather. Roof ventilation and exhaust system should be working properly to prevent condensation build up in the cold weather. If possible in the attic the roof sheathing or decking can be inspected. If there are gutters present, they should be checked to make sure they are not rotting the soffits and are allowing the water to run off sufficiently. Plumbing Stack need to have a proper pipe boots around the exhaust vents. If you have any skylights they should also be inspected for leaking.

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    Siding Services:

    Choosing the best home siding for your home or place of business has several important factors to consider. One of them is to make sure the design is complementary to your neighborhood as well as the building design. Curb appeal and first impressions are also very important because they will be a factor for reselling down the road. The choice you make should be something that will increase the value of your home. A second factor is to make sure the materials give you a long lasting protection for many years from moisture and other weather related concerns that could be damaging to the building structure.

    There are many different types of siding, Mastic is one of the highest Pro Grade Siding on the market. Some sidings comes with a warranty. You may want to ask what the best insulated vinyl siding brands, best quality vinyl siding, best aluminum siding brands and superior vinyl siding brands would be on the market today. Our professional siding contractors have been installing exterior siding for many years. It’s important to us that once the job is complete, our customers will LOVE their new siding. True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ is efficient and do not cut corners.

    Siding Inspection: True Safe Roof and Siding will do an inspection to check for any defects which show weather damage, dents, curling, cracking, cupping or other signs that lead to a shorter lifespan of the siding protection.

    If it is determined that you need a house siding repair company near me, call True Safe Roof and Siding at (856) 221-6313

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  • Most popular types of Roofing materials:

    Asphalt Shingle Roofing - This type of roofing is the most common material used today because it is the most affordable but it will not last forever.

    Metal Roofing – This is the most durable roofing materials and is known to last about 40 – 70 years. It can protect your roof from snow build-ups, snow, ice dams and leaks. They are also known to be environmentally friendly because of their ability to be recycled and do not off-gas.

    True Safe Roof and Siding uses a tarping system to help keep our job site clean and contain all the debris so that your home or place of business will be protected, safe for your family as well as our contractors and team members. We provide excellent customer service and have a system in place to keep those nails out of your lawn away from the lawn mower tires. Most of our customers are very appreciative of how cleanly our job site stays during our services.

    Type of Siding Materials:

    Straight lap Siding – This style has flat boards that overlap each other to easily shed water. Comes in various widths and colors.

    Dutch lap Siding– Brings a similar look to the straight lap but has a gradual slope and bevels more out towards the bottom which brings a


    more stylish finish.

    Vertical Siding - The siding is unique and can be combined with straight or dutch lap. Give your building a personality.

    Insulated Siding - If you are wanting something to help keep warm or cold in your building, than this could be a great choice to help keep


    energy costs down.

    Shingle Shake – If you like the look of cedar shingles but don’t have the budget for the real wood shingles, then the fake ones that look just


    like the real ones may be a choice.

    Stone Wall Cladding – Do you like the look of stone? This is a replica of real stones but is much easier to install.

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