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     There are so many decisions about a new roof.

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    If your house roof has been exposed to more than 20 years of sun, snow, wind rain and hail, these factors are all known elements that will cause wear and tear on your roof. True Safe Roofing and Siding in Millville, NJ always strives to suggest a simple roof repair if possible. In some cases, it doesn’t make sense financially to continue to do repairs but it’s always important to take your safety and budget in consideration. We like to put ourselves in your shoes before we make a recommend on repairing or installing a new roof installation. It’s important to us to earn your respect during the very first time we meet and we know we cannot earn that respect if we are not honest and do things with the upmost integrity. True Safe Roofing and Siding also knows that only using the best quality materials and #1 professional installation team that works with a high performance skill set is the best recipe for providing you the best customer service you deserve.

    There are certainly lots of choices to make when looking to install a new roof. For instance choosing the right company, picking the best materials that are going to fit into your budget. We try to help with this process so you do not feel overwhelmed. True Safe Roof and Siding understands this daunting task and will guide you through all the options and choices you have to make a decision on what best fits your needs.

    What can I expect during a New Roof installation?

    If you are a do it yourselfer, there are some things to consider before you start. Will you have the help and time to complete the roof installation before rain comes and could potentially cause your home a lot of damage from leakage if not protected properly? Hiring True Safe Roofing and Siding in Millville, NJ works with seasoned professional roofers who are accurate and can offer you a warrantee if your roof materials have one. Don’t get caught up in spending extra time and money on a roof that starts to fall apart, due to poor installation in a matter of month.    


    Here are some types of roofing materials to choose from.

    Asphalt Shingles – very popular and known as a composition shingle. This shingle is made of composite products like fiberglass, asphalt and mineral granules. They are fairly easy to install and have a shelf life of 15 – 20 years.

    Tile or Spanish Tile – they are made out of local available materials like terracotta, clay or slate. They can also be made out of concrete, plastic and metal. They are all water proof and made to hold up to the rain.

    Metals Roofs – This is installed by screwing metal sheets down to firing strips with rubber washer screws. This installation is pretty fast and last a long time. There are various colors to choose from. Installation can be fairly quick.

    Slate – This type of roofing is one of the oldest but is also one of the most durable. The slate is waterproof and insect proof. Compared to the other roofing options it tends to be the most expensive type as well but there is consideration to that because of how well it holds up to most weather.

    Cedar – Cedar is a type of wood which is cut at an angle and installed by over lapping as you move up the roof. It is common near the ocean and goes on light color. As it gets exposed to the weather it darkens giving it a grey look.

    Before you choose the type of roof you would like to show case off your beautiful home, we can provide an inspection to assess what type of roofing is best for your particular home. After all, you home is a place where your family and friends gather to make lasting memories and we want your home to give a great first impression.


    Is it necessary to remove the old roof before the new roof is installed?

    There is the opportunity of saving some money by not having the old roof town off first. True Safe Roof and Siding recommends removing the old shingles first because it give us a clear picture of what the condition of the wood beneath looks like so that if there is any damage this can be addressed before it is covered back up with the new roofing. This can all be determined after our inspection and will let you know what your options are.


    What do most consider to be the best roof?

    There is not a cookie cutter answer. There are several factors involved for instance, what type of neighborhood are you in, the style of your home, the roof pitch and shape. We can give you a much better answer after we have done an inspection.

    residential roofing millville new jersey

    Here is True Safety Roof and Siding proven and efficient installation process:


    Step 1: Take advantage of our free consultation

    After we perform a free quotation, one of our #1 roofing experts will go over the different roofing options as well as taking into consideration what works best for your budget.

    Step 2: Installation begins

    Our professional installation team arrives and starts to prepare so they can keep your property as neat and clean as possible during the installation. They already have a plan so they can be efficient and get the job done in a timely manner and respect your time.

    Step 3: Getting cleaned up

    If the roof installation takes more than a day, we will be sure to clean up before we leave and protect your home from any possible leakage overnight. We do not want to leave you with a messy looking property or irritate your neighbors. Once we have competed the project the only way you will know we were there is to see a beautiful brand new roof you will can certainly be proud of.

    Step 4: Customer Satisfaction

    If you are not happy, we are not happy. We want to hear how we did because this helps us to know we are on target to provide the excellent service we strive for or know how we may work to improve our service going forward.


    You may not need a roof installation but just a roof repair

    True Safety roof and Siding in Millville, NJ, offers roof repairs, roof installation and new build roofing services. If you are not sure about your roof and are concerned there may be an issue or you see a water leak somewhere, give us a call for an inspection. It is much easier for us to come take a look because we know what we are looking for and have the proper equipment to look things over in a safe manner.

    Is repairing my roof a better option than replacing it?

    Certainly if it makes sense to repair your roof our trained inspectors will suggest that during their inspection. If a repair is not down in a timely manner than this can lead to more damage which unfortunately could force you to replace the whole roof depending on the damage. If a roof needs to be replaced and the integrity is compromised, it can damage the structure of your home, siding and foundation.


    When is it time to replace my roof?

    During one of your recommended inspections twice a year, usually in the spring and fall, the trained roofing inspector will inform you if they detect damage beyond repair. Also if there is obvious damage like noticeable leaks and other roofing materials have been compromised


    Here are some signs of roof damage:


    · Soggy and damp shingles holding water for long periods of time

    · Leakage through the roof into the attic

    · Shingles missing or obvious cracks

    · Interior Paint is peeling or blistering on the ceiling, trim and walls

    · The chimney shows some type of leaking