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    Having a quality roof installed brings comfort that there will be no issues for years to come. True Safe Roof and Siding is the best roofing company near me, recommends having an inspections to ensure that winter weather has not done any damage. There is a great advantage to knowing your roof needs a repair early so you can avoid an issue from getting worse and possibly being face with structural damage.

    Our professionals are highly skilled at performing a thorough inspection and giving you honest feedback on the how your roof is weathering the storms. If they determine there is a need for repair, it usually takes special equipment, tools and experience to get the repair done correctly.

    If you think your roof is due for a professional inspection, True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ is here to perform a complete roof inspection because they know where to look for hidden leaks or other things that can happen during a severe storm.

    Roof Repair verses Roof replacement

    A roof repair is usually something that needs to be done on a roof that is still in pretty good shape but was damaged due to harsh weather. Sometimes a roof repair can be a simple as replacing a few shingles, roof repair patch on a leak or two or possibly needing to apply a roof leak repair sealant.

    A roof replacement is usually necessary when the roof has gotten old and is showing more and more signs of repairs needed. At a certain point it makes more sense financially to just replace the whole roof. Usually we recommend taking down the old roof, checking to make sure the board do not need replacing and then installing the new roof.

    Why would you need your Roof Repaired

    There are many reasons why there would be a need for your roof to be repaired. To start, if your roof is not maintained on a regular basis, the wear and tear can cause damage which can escalate when moisture gets under the shingles and starts to rot the under base. Having your roof repaired verses replaced can save you lots of money when it makes sense. When you know there is a need for a repair and It’s not done right away, the longer wait, the more chance the repair will cost even more or there will be a need for a replacement. This is why it’s important to always keep on top of things.

    Sometimes roof problems are unseen and can only be detected by a professional during inspection. It’s best to keep on top of your roof condition to avoid a replacement. There are other benefits to having a roof inspection. They can give you reports on how long your roof can last and what the costs will be to replace it when it is time so you can budget this in and be prepared when the times come. It’s always a good idea to plan for the future.

    after storm roof repair millville new jersey

    We care about our community in Millville, NJ and understand the need to have a tough enough roof to with stand harsh weather, strong enough to withhold the weight of snow, hail and stand up to potentially damaging winds. Leave the roof repairing to us, because we like it better when our home owners keep both feet on the ground and stay safe. Our friendly, honest and efficient contractors are ready to serve you and provide great customer service.

    We are proud to serve our local area and provide only the best of the best in supplies and materials. Give us a call at 555-555-5555 for a free consultation.

    Storm Damage issues

    There are several different types of storm damage that can cause a repair to your roof. Some can compromise the structure of your home.

    Wind damage

    Sometimes a wind storm, like a hurricane can do some major damage. The wind can lift up shingles and rip them off or bend them. This damage needs to be repaired quickly so there is no further damage to the inside structure. Sometimes wind damage can go unnoticed so after a major storm it is usually a good idea to schedule an inspection just to make sure there are no issues.

    Hail damage

    Heavy rain storms can cause issues but hail can be even worse, depending on the size of the hail balls, it could cause splits or cracks which will compromise the roof materials. Once this happens then water can find those cracks and cause further damage. We don’t want to leave out damage that can also come from UV exposure to items underneath the roofing which can compromise the integrity of the roof.


    The Services we offer from storm damage

    Our trusted professionals can help with any aftermath roof and siding storm damage. We care about our community in Millville, NJ and are here to access any damage after a storm. Speak to a True Safe Roof and Siding professional who will advise you on what service is needed to get your home back in picture perfect shape.



    If the damage has compromised the roof to the extent that it will leak, then it would be necessary to have a repair done immediately or an emergency tarp can be applied to protect the inside elements until the proper service can be performed.


    Roof Storm Damage Repair

    True Safe Roof and Siding in Millville, NJ is the best roofing contractor near me and has addressed many storm damage repairs throughout our career. This could be damage from debris windblown and lands on the roof, to shingles blown off or other foreign object landing on the roof and causing damage. We do our best to be affordable and practical in our easement of what will bring your roof back to doing its job of protecting your home.

    Restoring your roof after damage

    Depending on the extent of the damage, sometimes it just makes more sense to replace your roof. The age of your roof is usually an important factor. The best way to determine this is to schedule an inspection to see if it make sense to upgrade your roof. Give the roofers in my areas a call at (856) 221-6313 to discuss the different options for roof storm damage restoration.